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Tourist Information Online Co., Ltd. as "Company" has created this website to provide comprehensive travel information services. All provinces in Thailand and accommodation booking services for hotels, resorts, packages, tours of various companies as well as a medium for communication between tourists and tour operators.

Your usage of the website will be subject to the following terms and conditions to be described. Therefore, please kindly study the terms and condition in detail before using the website. By using this website, you agree to accept and agree to comply with the terms and this condition If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, please kindly stop to use this website.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise specified, company owns intellectual property in all text, images, audio / video images and any other content including other types of media that appear on various screens on this website ("Multimedia media"). And other multimedia media that the company has obtained permission from the owners of intellectual property to use such multimedia media on this website. You can browse multimedia media via the computer screen or print or download or post messages in the community and use multimedia media. However, such use will be subject to the following conditions:

1. You must not modify, alter, copy, display, publish, sell, transfer, reproduce data for other purposes than repeat for browsing.

2. You acknowledge and agree that company shall not be responsible for any liability arising out of your use of this website.

3. You must not make any changes to the content.

4. You must inform and show others the ownership of the company's intellectual property and this permission restriction in a multimedia media copy In the case of copying of such work, you must reference the source as well as displays a message indicating the ownership of copyright or any other intellectual property rights on the copy of such work.

5. You cannot use multimedia media in any other way, unless obtaining written permission from company first.

6. Company is well aware that images, animations within this website are useful for education, especially for all youths. Company only allows you to publish for the benefit of youth for education. Do not allow you to use for any commercial purpose.

Limitation of Liability

Company will not be responsible for any damage, regardless of the nature of the incident caused by the use of this website. Including damage both directly and related indirect or as a result of using such websites and connecting your computer or related equipment. Due to the use of this website or virus from email Sent from the website or from using this website.

Using multimedia media that appears on this website, you must use your own discretion to use it and suitable for your specific purpose? And will cause any violations or not, the company does not guarantee or authenticated or the completeness of any content. Company may make additional amendments, cuts, improvements or adjust the multimedia media to be up-to-date. By company's own discretion and not necessary must inform you of any such. In any case company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense arising from the prosecution due to the use of this website. And any information displayed on this website including defects, errors, missing, disturbances, website delays or computer virus, where you have to take the risk of using the website yourself In any case, including negligence Company or staff of the company will not be responsible for any damage, whether directly, indirectly, by accident or as a consequence in any case. Even if the company is notified of the possibility that may cause such damage.

Terms of Reservation

Use the conditions and regulations specified in each section of each hotel.

Conditions of reservation for minors (Persons who are not underage)

Company does not allow children under the age of 18 to act in any jurisdiction without the consent of parents or legal representatives.

You clearly acknowledge and agree that The company is not liable for the actions of users of this website.

According to the terms of use of this website, you acknowledge that the multimedia media displayed on the website may not be complete or up-to-date. Company will try to prepare the most multimedia media. However, such amendments to modernize multimedia media. It is only to facilitate you not to be a commitment to the company in any way. Although the company regularly reviews multimedia content and content consistency Company is not responsible to damage, whether directly, indirectly, related. Consequence or damage in any case, arising from the use of such information as well as any other damage due to the use of the website or may not use the website or communication services or the cost of providing replacement products and services or damage caused by access or modify the information of the user arbitrarily or messages or actions of third parties on the website or communication or any other matters related to the website or email communication communication service and / or sending messages through the website, is not considered legal notice by or against company or per employee or the representative of the company, applicable laws and jurisdictions in the case of enforcing these terms and conditions and interpret according to the laws of Thailand.

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