“(Temple), Wat Soparam Si Samrong District, Si Samrong District, Sukhothai, 64120”

Wat Sopharam is the place where the large Sukhothai Buddha image was built. Formerly known as Wat Rong Yuan or Lam Yuan (named after the village), belonging to Mahanikaya monks. There is a land to set up the temple at 15 rue 1 ngan 64.50 square wah. The temple was built around 1817, later changed to "What Sopharam" later and received Wisungkhamsim.According to the registration in 1827, there is no detail about the construction of the temple because it was originally a settlement of the Vietnamese people who migrated to live about 2,000 years ago.

Phra Sukhothai The Buddha image is located in front of Wat Sopharam, next to the Jarod Withi Thong Road. It has a lap size of 22 × 28 meters wide, built with reinforced concrete, is a seated Buddha image of the Sukhothai Prang (Maravichai) inside the Buddha image. Sitting Buddha image in the Sukhothai period Sitting Buddha image in U Thong standing Buddha image, old gold Buddha image, standing Buddha image, Ayutthaya period Luang Por Ngern statuePhra Somdet Wat Rakhang The facade of the Kamphaeng Phet Phra Ruang Rang Pen, Phra of the Day, Medal of Master King Rama 5, old and new, relics received from Chinese temples, China, old Sukhothai standing Buddha images.

Wat Soparam Si Samrong District


Si Samrong District, Sukhothai, 64120 Map

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