“(Temple), Wat Nong Daeng Mae Charim District, Mae Charim District, Nan, 55170”

Wat Nong Daeng, a temple of the Thai Lue, which has a beautiful old temple. It is assumed that this temple was built in 1787 by the common faith of the Tai Lue and Ta Phuan villagers. Inside the temple, there are valuable objects such as the Lanna Pang, with a serpent, around the pulpit at the base of the pagoda. It is said that the surname of the villagers Nong Daeng part used that right comes from the name of the abbot, the abbot, the founder of the temple in the temple.

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Thai Lue Temple has no history of construction. It should have been built about 200 years ago, along with the establishment of the village. The temple is a Thai Lue. Set facing east Brick wall There are three entrance doors, wooden roof, two-tiered flats. The top of the roof is decorated with birds. Gable is a carved glass flower. The sculpture carved in various shapes such as giant monkey serpent, Pruksa, etc. The Department of Art registered this temple as an ancient site in 1981 and was last renovated in 1996.

Wat Nong Daeng Mae Charim District


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