“(Temple), Wat Hua Wiang Tai, Muang Nan District, Nan, 55000”

Wat Hua Wiang Tai comes from this temple located in the upper part of Wiang Tai. Thao Suttha and his motheri have devoted their land to the temple built in 1735 by Mung Saa. Myanmar wood merchant Is a patron of the creation of the Buddhist characteristics of the Lord is a Burmese art. In the reign of King Rama V, The Burmese came to trade solid wood. Many people have the status and raised money to nourish the temple or create a Buddha image. Make a Burmese art temple in Nan town. For example, at Wat Ku Kham and Wat Hua Wiang Tai.

The Buddhist is Burmese style It is a white body, dark brow and a bright red mouth. Very interesting decoration. The head of Buddha made from a glass of nature, a kind of stone. It is a precious jewel as well as a jewel. The statue is enshrined on the throne. The belief that the serpent is the preserver of Buddhism.

Getting there: From Ku Kham Intersection, take the Sumon Dhevaraja Road to pass Nara Panich Department store around 100 m. The temple will be on left side.

Wat Hua Wiang Tai


Muang Nan District, Nan, 55000 Map

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