“Wat Laem Son on the beach at Pak Nam Lang Suan There is a large Buddha image in the outdoor named Phra Phutthaphon Chai Mongkhon Muni. Built in B.E. 2003 Inside contains the Buddha's relics. And a statue of Luang Pu Nak A famous master who has in many respects”

Inside the temple, there is a large Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara. Buddha Mongkol Chai Muni The statue is white and beautiful. Especially at night when the Lord Buddha hits the moonlight. Shining brightly all around, A ray of light radiated out. Near the big Buddha statue that holds the body of Luang Pu Nak Former Abbot of Wat Laem Son That has not decayed and is worshiped by people in the area and nearby.

Health garden near Wat Laem Son Another resting place Next to Laem Son Beach In the evening, people will see people bringing food to sit and eat. It is a venue for various municipal activities such as National Children's Day. Organizing activities for the elderly.

Wat Laem Son


Lang Suan District, Chumphon, 86150 Map

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