“Wat Mahawan The interesting thing is the Buddha image built with Burmese art.”

It is a must-have temple for those who want to ask with the faith of the people of Chiang Mai in the legend who mentioned the construction of Mahawan Temple as a temple that is packed with kawila of questions that he has saved. independence night The day that Chiang Mai fell into Burma for 200 years.

This temple was built in 1795 after the temple was built. He has improved the governance of the country and preserved Buddhism at the same time.

When observed from the outside of the temple, there are walls surrounding all four sides. Especially along the wall in front of the temple, there are 4 arches of Burmese Buddha images enshrined, with a pair of lions in front of each arch.
Which is regarded as an important identity of Wat Mahawan When walking into the temple, you will notice an old ubosot. The front has a stucco pattern by Lanna artisans who invent the pattern elaborately. The wooden door in front of the ubosot is carved with the history of the Lord Buddha.

Inside the ubosot enshrines the main Buddha image in the posture of meditation. It is assumed that this principal Buddha image might be a mix of Lanna and Chiang Saen arts. Because no matter which side you look at, it resembles a lion.
Only the principal Buddha image of Wat Mahawan is smaller than the Singha image from Wat Phra Singh Woramahaviharn only.

What can be called to attract a lot of people into the temple is Phra Chao To or Wihan Luang where the Buddha statue or what the villagers call "Phra Chao To" is enshrined. Phra Chao To is a Buddha image built in Burmese art. According to history Built with the faith of a Burmese baron named Mong Pued's stepfather which is a Burmese who came to make a teak concession in North from Bombay Burma CompanyAfter his stepfather, Mong Poet, married Mrs. Kham Hom. Who is the daughter of Mr. Tui and Mrs. Pan The people of Chiang Mai who are of the faith of Wat Mahawan Until when the logging business of Pud Maung's stepfather prospered. Therefore, he built a grand hall and Phra Chao Toh. As well as having restored the walls, decorated facades, as well as various statues in Burmese art style in the year 1806, it is said that the Great God of War Maha today is almost 200 years old.

Wat Mahawan


Thapae Road, Chang Khlan, Muang Chiang Mai District Map

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