“The venue for the ceremony to restore independence to the owner of Malaysia.”

Merdeka Square is another place. Who visits Kuala Lumpur had to walk in the central square of the capital of Malaysia which is a place with national historical significance and of the people of Malaysia because it is the place where the ceremony of returning independence to the owner of the country After being colonized by Western nations for 446 years (15111957)

Starting from Portugal who invaded by boat and seized Malacca, a port city, then under Dutch rule and England later Until the day of 31 August 2500 (31 August 1957) or 49 years ago, Malaysia has returned sovereignty from England. With the Malaysian flag hoisted for the first time in this square and on August 31 of every year, there will be a great parade and celebration. Tens of thousands of Malaysians attended the ceremony.

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Merdeka Square


Merdeka Square Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Map

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