“The most striking feature of Ko Kradan is its powdery white beach and crystal-clear water that permits a decent view of the coral reef underneath. You can also so dome sport activities in the place such as Beach volleyball, frisbee, beach soccer, diving, Beach wedding and underwater wedding is also available in this place ”

Koh Kradan is the most spectacular of all the islands off the coast of Trang. Most of the island (5/6) is under the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park. A variety of colourful fish inhabit the shallow water corals. Ko Kradan is to the west of Ko Muk and Ko Libong.

For any one who love nature and beautiful beach, here is suitable for you. Kradan island is perfect place for snorkelling with coral reef, fishes, green clear water, white sand.

Koh Kradan is most vidited by tourist or the locals beacause of the torquoise water and many activities that you will do such sports like beach volleyball. the natural beauty that the local preseved the place is one of the reason why this place is most visited, no infrastructure in this place but there are several restaurant and accomodation you will see, the fine white sand is also a reason why this place is quite famous. This place is also famous for beach weeding and underwater wedding

  • Season Nov - Feb every year.
  • Air-conditioned buses depart from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Trang every day.
  • To reach us get out of at Koh Mook and a long tail boat will pick you up from the tigerline boat and take you to Koh Kradan for 50 baht, and it takes about 20 minutes From Koh Lanta (Ban Saladang) it's possible to take a ride on the snorkelling boat "Lanta Princess", or there are 2 daily trips by ferry straight to Koh Kradan.

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