“Wat Trangkhaphum Phutthawat having the largest marble buddha statue in Trang province. This temple has many history in the past that you should discovered, and learned how the Bhudda came into Trang.”

This marble Buddha statue is considered a the largest size of Trang province, since the building of Kantang city.

In BE 2455, there is a Buddhist monk "Somdet Phra Maha Samana Chaokrom Phraya Wachira Yan Waro Rot" give a new name as Wat Tarangkha Phum Phutthawat. Formerly the popular name of the temple is  temple of Pairs city.

Later, the Buddha statue has been painted with gold color on the body of the statue and added with "Phra Ketmala" (flame umbrella hat)  like the Buddha statue of central Thai culture. There wad a renovation happen they removed the gold color in the Bhudda and maintained the original design and color of the statue 

  • Can visit throughout the year, traveling from the Hightway 403 Trang - Kantang. The temple is situated about 1 kms before the down town, opposite to the first rubber tree.

Wat Trangkhaphum Phutthawat


308 T.Kantang, A.Kantang, Trang Map

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