“Wihan Yothanimit is a collection of artifacts such as palm leaf books, sermons, and the footprints of the Lord Buddha.”

Wat Yothanimit used to be the site to hold Tue Nam Pra Pipat Sattaya Ceremony, or the state ceremony in which government officials have to drink the oath of allegiance to declare that they would be loyal to the country, in the time when King Taksin gathered his army officers here after Ayutthaya was broken by Burmese army. The main site of interest is the mural painting in the elder church. Resident Kampot is situated on Luk Muang Road in the municipal area. The site used to be the governor’s house in the period when French Troop ruled the province. The three-storey building features colonial architecture. The building was used as a government office but nowadays was in a state of declining.

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Wat Yothanimit


14 Thetsaban 4 Road, Bang Phra Subdistrict, Mueang Trat District, Trat 23000 Map

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