“It gains respect from the people of Tak town and Mae Sot. ”

This shrine is located on a hill at the foot of Phawo Mountain, between Km 62 – 63 on the Tak – Mae Sot route. The story has it that Chaopho Phawo was a Karen warrior who was appointed by King Taksin the Great as chief of the Mae Lamao border pass to protect the land from an intrusion of the enemy. In the beginning, the shrine was on the other side of the hill. Then, a new road was built and the shrine was moved. Some told the sacredness of the shrine that if anyone went hunting on Phawo Mountain, they usually encountered irregularities, such as car trouble, sickness, or became lost. Since Chaopho Phawo was a warrior, it was believed that he favoured the sound of a gun. Visitors, therefore, pay homage and shoot a gun, set off fire crackers, or blow their horn to show their respect.

The Shrine of Phawo


Mae Sot - Tak Road, Phawo Subdistrict, Mae Sot District, Tak 63110 Map

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