“Chedi war elephant It is 700 years old.”

Chedi war elephant Located on Doi Chang. Ko Tapao, Ban Tak. Doi Chang is a small mound. To the north of the hill to a little.

This pagoda is a ruin. It was built in the Sukhothai period, 700 years ago. Chedi war elephant is at the intersection with Wat Phra BorommaThat about 200 meters. It is a Sukhothai-like art that resembles another in Sukhothai. The 12 m wide brick base is a rectangular rectangle up to 16 m high above the hut, making it a rectangular hollow, with the top of which is the hippopotamus. But not the original. The base of the bush is a beautiful face. The lion house is still complete. Damaged and repaired.

Can travel throughout the year.

Chedi war elephant


On Doi Chang, Koh Taphao Subdistrict, Ban Tak District, Tak Province 63120 Map

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