“Mani Phraison Temple Visit Burmese pagodas and steam herbs”

Wat Manee Phillip An old temple Located in the district of Mae Sot. What is a tourist attraction to visit is the temple Pagoda. Burmese Arts Pagoda The pagoda on the pagoda is composed of small pagodas around the large pagoda. Each pagoda is enshrined in a small Buddha image. In addition, there are temples and monuments. Many archaeological sites But importantly. Phra Phuttham Borom Srim Mueang Luang Por Sangkueja Buddha Stucco Buddhist Reclining Buddha Thanks!

Wat Manee Phillip An old temple located in the center of Mae Sot. Created in 1785 There is a Burmese pagoda containing 233 small Buddha statues around the pagoda and a statue of Buddha, placed in the pagoda. Overall, 512,028 This pagoda is called "Phra Phutthabat Chedi" and inside the pagoda itself, many Buddhas are also enshrined. Other parts of the temple area outside the pagoda consists of Buddha. The simulations of several pundits and the old church about 200 years old.

Wat Manee Philson


Intarakeree Rd., Mae Sot, Tak, 63110 Map

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