“Visit the architecture of Tai Yai. It is a temple in Mahayana Buddhism of the Thai people.”

Wat Thai Watthanaram . It is 5 km from Mae Sot District. It is a temple of Mahayana Buddhism of the Tai Yai. Built around 1857, it was renamed "Wat Thai Watthanaram." The temple contains inscriptions about the history of the temple, with one sheet in Thai and the other in Burmese. There is a white jade Buddha statue of Burmese art with beautiful decoration enshrined in the hall. The large reclining Buddha is over 40 meters inside the open-air temple. The golden monkey pagoda is located near the temple of Phra Maha Muni. It is enshrined Buddha Mahamuni. There is also a museum on the propagation of Buddhism from the beginning.

Can be visited throughout the year.

Wat Thai Wattanaram


12 AH1 Tambon Tha Sai Luad, Amphoe Mae Sot, Tak 63110 Map

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