“Worship the Burmese Marble Buddha at Wat Don Kaew”

Wat Don Kaew is located behind Mae Ramat District Office. The area of ​​about 11 rai originally measured in the middle of the village. The statue carved marble Buddha from Myanmar. Which is one of the three sculpted together. The other two are enshrined in Pakistan and another in India.

There is a story. . Tambon Maoram in those days. Travel to Burma and find the sculpted marble Buddha. The lap width_ of 50 inches to the 63-inch head was invented in April 1922, the Burmese worshiped for 800 rupees and shipped by boat. Go through the city to the port of Mako. During the transfer of the Buddha from the boat to the cart. Lest it be damaged, so the face of the Buddha face to the sand. When it's time to raise the Buddha. There was no one at that time. I found the event to do the ceremony. Workers can easily raise a Buddha image on a cart. It's a miracle When this news spread throughout Burma. The villagers came and worshiped, even in the face of any difficulties.

Tickets are available throughout the year.

Wat Don Kaew Mae Ramat


Behind Mae Ramat District, Tak Province 63140 Map

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