“Waterfall There are low hills. At about 6 meters wide, the water flowing down the slope through the channel is squeezed to a high level, rising through the beautiful waterfall.”

Waterfall First class waterfall Part of Lan Sa National Park. At the beginning of the Lan Lum creek next to the waterfall about 200 meters, the low hills in the middle of the gap is about 6 meters in the water flowing to the low hills. The water will flow through the narrow channel. The water is squeezed until it reaches higher water levels. Because the water flow does not affect the rock until the noise is different from the Pha Pha waterfall. Surrounded by various species of trees to look overcast. Over the waterfall, there is a bridge for crossing to the other side of the rock that leads to the tourist center.

In the past, there is a legend that this waterfall was a break from the armies of King Taksin. When he went to Chiang Mai 2.

Getting there: From Tak, take Highway 105 (Tak - Mae Sot) to Km. 12-13. There will be a left turn paved to the National Park for another 3 km to the park office.

* Warning: Highway 105 Use caution. The speed should be low because the accident. Because of the steep. Very curvaceous Some narrow way Make frequent accidents *

If needed, accommodation / tents within the park are available.

For more information on Ask for accommodation 055-519278-9 or TAT Tak Province 055-514341.

Pictures of FACEBOOK: Surachai Rodsai

Lan Liang Ma Waterfall


Tambon National Park, Tambon Tak Muang Tak, 63000 Map

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