Wat Rai Khing is located in Tambon Rai Khing 32 Kms. from Bangkok. It is a civilian monastery built in 1791. Somdej Phra Phuttha Chan (Pook) named this temple after the district. When construction was completed, the Buddha image was brought from Wat Sala Poon and enshrined here, later the locals named the image “Luang Pho Wat Rai Khing”. The Buddha image is in the attitude of Buddha Subduing Mara. The Buddha image is of Chiang Saen style and is assumed to have been built by Lanna Thai and Lan Chang craftsmen. According to legend, this Buddha image was found floating in the river, so the townspeople lifted the Buddha image out of the water and enshrined the image at Wat Sala Poon.

Prince Vachirayan Varoros granted temple the name of “Wat Mongkol Chinda Ram” (with the words “Rai Khing” in parenthesis after the name) but the locals call the temple Wat Mongkol Chinda Ram Rai Khing, later it was shorten to Wat Rai Khing. The temple is well known among Thais, faithful Buddhists frequently pay a visit to Wat Rai Khing to pay homage to the sacred Buddha image. Every Saturdays and Sundays, food and fruits are sold in front of the temple. This temple is also renowned for its natural fish sanctuary, a habitat of hundreds of thousands of Sawai fish (big catfish-like freshwater fishes). Visitors can buy bread here to feed the fish.

Additionally, there is a museum that collects and displays various kinds of artefacts including ancient bowls, mural paintings, and old books, all of which were donated by the townspeople.

Getting there: there are 3 ways: from the intersection in front of Pho Kaew Police Station, from the intersection in front of the Rose Garden, and from the intersection at Buddhamonthon 5 Road. For more information on the museum, contact tel: 0 3431 1384, 0 3432 3056.

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