“ The bot was awarded the best avant-grade religious building. Large white standng buddha statue plaster sculpture of Thao Suranari ”

Wat Sala Loi is situated 500 meters east of the northeastern corner of the moat, from Rop Mueang Road, the temple is famous for its ubosot (preaching hall) which resembles a Chinese sailing junk. That is why the monastery got its name Wat Sala Loi, which means the temple of the floating pavilion. The bot was awarded the best avant-grade religious building by the Siam Society in 1973.


Additional attractions are a large white standing Buddha enshrined inside the temple and a plaster sculpture of Thao Suranari, sitting in a praying position in the middle of a pond in front of the door.

Open daily for all people

Wat Sala Loi


T. Phoklang, A.Muang, Nakhon Ratchasima Map

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