Commonly dubbed as Khun Ying Mo or Ya Mo, Thao Suranari was a courageous Thai woman, a wife of the Deputy Governor of Khorat during the reign of King Rama III (1824 – 1851). She led the residents of Khorat in a battle against the Laotian army headed by Prince Anuwong of Vientiane. This much worshipped shrine was built in 1934 to honor her heroic deeds that saved the people from being captured. There is an annual celebration held from 23 March to 3 April to pay homage to the shrine which is located at the Chumphon Gate on the west side of the city. Offerings to Thao Suranari range from a miniature model of a bus to colorful clothes. It is believed that through the offerings, Thao Suranar’s spirit will protect the petitioner from danger and the bad spirits.

Interesting events: Khorat songs (phleng Khorat) is sung in the evenings on a stage near the shrine. They are traditional folk songs worth listening.

Thao Suranari Monument



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