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Ao Khanom is the largest bay in Khanom District. It is 1.5 kilometres from the district office and can be reached by taking Highway No. 4014, which separates from Highway No. 401, for 17 kilometres, then 1 kilometre past Khanom Public Health Area Market, then turn right and drive along Khanom beach. Khanom beach is a long beach that connects to other beaches, as follows:

Hat Nai Phlao is Khanomâ™s largest beach and the most popular tourist attraction. The beach curves along a mountain range. The overall scenery is one that features perfect nature, including a clean, white beach conducive to a day in the sun. Accommodation and restaurant facilities are available.

Hat Na Dan is a long, palm-fringed white beach. From this quiet beach, one can see the beautiful aquamarine water of the Gulf of Thailand.

Hat Nai Praet is a beautiful, long curved beach. This beach is between Hat Na Dan and Hat Nai Phlao and is rocky in some areas. This popular beachâ™s natural ambience has been impressing visitors for years.

Ao Khanom


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