“Holiday Lighting of the visit Luang Prabang is inevitable to come visit. "Wat Xieng Thong", which is an important measure and is the most spectacular attractions. Regarded by archaeologists as being a jewel of architecture Laos.”

His second last king of Laos. Upon arrival, the first thing is to go to the temple or the Lao language called "Sim", although the size is not huge, but it represents the religious architecture of Luang Prabang style. Temple roof with curved arches stacked three layers.

Year Built: Year 1553-1560

Reign of God Setthathirath.

OPEN: 06.00 a.m. – 05.30 p.m.

Charge  20.000 Kip


Xieng Thong Temple Luang Prabang


Northeast of Luang Prabang. Flow near the Nam Khan River meets the Mekong River. Map

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