“Long Beach of the South”

Phra Ae from Klong Dao Beach is next to be Pra Ae long beach Caucasian referred to a distance of about 2 kilometers from the beach, but the beach is not concave like Klong Dao Beach. Sand is reddish brown. Seawater into play, but at some point the rocks are not suitable for swimming. Some of the beaches have depth. Phra Ae Beach is one of the most peaceful. Uncrowded.With pine trees along the beach to the sea, interspersed with coconut. Suitable for the lay reader.

the beach have cottages and a 3 star hotel for your own convinece,most of the shop and restaurant have oceanic view gor you to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the place.

this place is one of the biggest and famous beach in koh lanta,be there and amaze to the Long Beach of the south...

  • 40-60 minutes from Krabi International Airport

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Jirapong Thivawongsakal

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