“What you can see in this place is one of the top diving site in Thailand which you will witness the attractive and spectacular coral reefs with great visibilities. Scuba diving and Snorkling, Island Hopping with your family or friends or camping overnight. ”

Kantiang Bay The sand is white or gray. Long Beach, a rocky hill about 800 meters from Klong Nin Beach. Features a curved semicircular bays. When the water drops will appear along with small rounded pebbles. Distributed as a ring around the beach is a beautiful sight.

This is also the last stop for you to buy things and stuff that what your going to need in your exploration to the deep southern part of the island there are shops, restaurant, bars anfd cafe as you enter the bay you will amaze at the beautiful scenery of the beach.

This beach is protected by the National Marine Park.

  • Holiday all Season
  • Everyone is welcome
  • To Get in Kantiang Bay from Krabi town take ferryboat (During Moonson season ferryboat is NOT accessible)
  • Public minibuses take over the transportation between Krabi and Koh Lanta's running every hour

Bakantiang Bay


Koh Lanta Krabi Map

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