“Merdeka Square is the site where Malaysia's independence ceremony was held from the west.”

Had the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time during the past April, So we have a good experience to leave together. This trip is because it's an economical trip but it focuses on adventure and actually our destination is Korea, but because it's economical,We have to take a plane to pass through Malaysia first. So we got a free gift. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia with cake will bring friends to visit Malaysia, Korea. By Air Asia.

First before we travel We have to prepare ourselves before we leave. Cheekka's items are as follows.

  • My personal passport and credit card In case it can be used in an emergency.
  • Exchange money first The money that we will prepare must have two currencies: the Malaysian Ringgit and the Korean won.
  • We have to prepare two types of clothes. Style in a hot city like Malaysia And a cold city like Korea, but it doesn't have to be the size of the winter. Because during this April It's spring in Korea. It's not that cold. Daytime is 1x degrees and nighttime is a single digit. Cheekka has both types of shirts and shoes. But don't take too much weight. For us to shop back too.
  • Home remedies wound dressing safety first.
  • Maps and travel plans for both Malaysia and Korea. Cheekka will tell you more soon.
  • Arranging the accommodation that we are going to go to. Cheekka focuses on not very expensive. And we travel easily because most of the time we walk around.
  • Ready and then pack our bags and let's go. 

We start our journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand at night.
We started our trip with food. We had a light dinner at King Power in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

fLight ood that we eat before leaving.

After that, we fly to Malaysia in the middle of the night. From the airport, we connect the Air Asia skybus to the central bus terminal in KL in order to go to the hotel. Before leaving for Korea on the next noon flight

Arrived at our accommodation After we put down our bags, we go out for a walk in the evening to find something to eat, but we go nearby. There are rows of shops in an alley. Who do not write the price on the menu and try to persuade us to sit and eat But we still hesitate.Until a dark-faced young man walked in Dark face but very kind. He advised us not to eat here because they charge us very high. And let the women be careful with their bags and advised not to go too far So we have lunch nearby. After that, I went back to the accommodation.      

Accommodation in Malaysia

In the next morning in Malaysia Wake up with an unfamiliar breakfast at the hotel while waiting for friends. Let's eat together Cheekka, who finished eating before going out to take a photo of the morning atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur together

Kuala Lumpur city is similar to our Thai brothers. Cars will run on the same lane as our country, so use the same road crossing skills. As for if we can't speak their native language, we can use English to communicate. But it may be a bit difficult to listen because the accent is a guest, but we can communicate. If not, it's sign language. Anyway, I know about it.

City ​​atmosphere in the morning

Guest style light pole. Let's take a photo for you to see.

This taxi, Cheekka, says it's very artistic, so I wanted to take one more picture.

This is where We come to eat noodles in the middle of the night before going to bed. It's actually in front of the temple.

The phone booth because of the color and composition makes it very cool


Now we are ready to travel to the square. Merdeska already. It is the central square in the capital city of Malaysia. It is a place which is used to hold a ceremony to restore independence to Malaysia from the West by using the train here.

Don't forget to follow us and study the route first in case you want to go to the Masjid Jamek station. In fact, the word Masjid comes from the word here in our house, so we need the red line.

The train has arrived. Let's go!!!!!

Atmosphere from the train window There are quite a lot of people here using the electric train. We looked out and saw many strange buildings. Including the towering mosque receiving the soft sunlight in the morning.

Here, they seem to be allowed to paint. Graffiti. There are graffiti that can be seen along the banks of the canal. Very cool!!!

When we get off at the Masjid Jamek station, we have to walk through Masjid Jamek way to reach our destination. We secretly took pictures of Jamek Mosque for you to see. Actually, it was taken from the door. They seem to have to cover something like this as Malaysia's custom, so Cheekka doesn't go in. But very beautiful

Then we walked around and admired the atmosphere together. The weather was gloomy and it looked like it was going to rain. But still heading to Merdeska Square Go straight to the end of the street that you see, then go left and walk a little more to reach the destination. Walk and walk.

After raising around the corner of the road, we arrived there. It's very grand and beautiful. Wide road

I love building with bricks like this. Very beautiful.


It seems to blend in with the current building perfectly.

CheekKa, let me take a picture with the texture of the building, I really like this brick.

A clock tower that tells the time stupidly It's loud all over the city.

The tallest flagpole in the world.

It's measured by hand. Haha.

On the way back, we just noticed that Malaysia's crosswalk It's yellow.

Along the streets, there are still many old buildings to look at. Looking at them, it's like art.
It can be noticed that houses are popular with curved windows.

After that, we go back to the accommodation to store our luggage and then take the Sky bus at KL to the airport to go to Korea. Daytime at the airport This is grilled chicken rice. The taste of the sauce poured will be sour. But it's still bad because I always eat greasy noodles T_T

This one is for dried noodles. I don't know how it's dry, it's so watery,the taste is just okay.

It's time to fly to Korea now.

Our plane is ready. to go to Korea

Merdeka Square


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