“the impressive sundown during sunset that slowly fade away is the one of the attraction at klong hin beach, and the sea is clear as crystal.”

Klong Hin Beach is located quite far from Klong Nin Beach, the headland that looks as well. This quiet, clean beach, but the beach is usually a pile of stones scattered patches. Not smooth like other beaches. For travelers who want to relax in a peaceful and offtakr this is the place for you.

The locals also preseved the natural beauty of the sea and the beach, the magnificent scenery during sunset is the one of the most awaited by the tourist and locals in the place. 

how to get there,  hiring motorcycles, from the market go southward for about 12 kilometers to find a right turn to the National Park of Mu Koh Lanta.  about 14 kilometers in total. 

Klong Hin Beach


Klong Hin Beach Koh Lanta Krabi Map

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