“Ancient salt pond (pond 2), famous for its spa salt (scrub)”

The second salt mine is next to the shrine of the goddess Sangkum. There are shops around the pond. Famous for its spa salts (scrubs) and iodized salt. To this day, salt people. Continue to boil salt in the traditional way. Take the salt water from the pond, passing through the bamboo to the pond. Before the brine is boiled in a large lotus boil until the water is dry, put in a bag for sale, the process is no different to the first salt pond.


Bokluae based on geological evidence, it is assumed that this area contains sediments of the Tenerife (280). With the Assassin era (230 million years ago), there should be underground salt or salt in this area. Digging ponds may be accidental to saline water. The underground makes salt production. From these ponds. At Ban Bo Luang, it has been produced since the time of history. The first mention of Bo Mung and archaeological evidence indicates that the salt-producing community is relatively prosperous at first. But after that, it was not known because of the chaos and no evidence found in the second phase of the 24th century. The ancestors of the villagers are likely to be Tai Lue from the town where the salt was produced.

Salt production at Bo Luang starting from the saline water from the pond to boil in the plant to close the four sides to cover the wind to save fuel, making the fine granules of the furnace is a clay shot made of raw soils, forming a stove with a front firewood. 2 slots in the back of the pan, boiled with salt, 2 pans with iron, without ears, handle an average diameter of 85 cm. Approximately 4 hours, boiling salts 15 kgs, 30 kgs per boil. Boiling salt to boil day and night, including 5 nights 6 days per pan, then wash the pan. It is important to keep the frying pan burning because it is important to hire a fireman for the boil at one time. If produced at the same time. Cause of the fight. The salt content of the house at Luang Luang is very low. Compared to past production, sea salt consumption has increased due to the convenience of transportation.


Getting there: From Bo Kluae District, take Route 1256, heading to Pua District. And if you go 100 meters to the salt pond on the left.


For more information, please visit: TAT Office Phrae (responsible for Phrae Nan, Uttaradit) 054-521127,054-521118-9


Nan Tourist Service Center 054-751169, 054-750247

Ancient Bokluae 2


Moo 1 Ban Bo Luang, Bo Kluea Tai Subdistrict, Bo Kluea District, Nan Province 55220 Map

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