“Huai Khon Kaen Reservoir 2, a fish conservation area belonging to the people of 3 villages, is a place for recreation.”

Huai Khon Kaen 2 Reservoir is a reservoir for fish breeding in 3 villages with water management in the reservoir. Resource conservation protect the environment And a place to relax for the family. Formerly located Nan village. The forest has a path from the mountains. In the east, you get to the Nan-Yang road. The long way out of the ravine is to pass a canal through the past. Up on the mountain several times later in 1979, the governor of Nan is Mr. Udom Phetchesiri has a project to establish a village. To be a buffer village. By the agency. Come pioneering the area. Then announced to the people to occupy the house to be arranged as a conversion of 2 jobs.

The villagers from Ban Don Chai, Ban Son Yang, Pua District. From the outset, there were about 180 households and later officially declared as a village in 1980 by the governor of Nan. The name of the village. The reason is that Nan is from Nan province, the word is stable to the village. Successor Mr. Manop Chantarangsi is the first village headman.

Huai Khon Kaen Reservoir 2


Moo 7, Pa Luang Luang, Amphur Santisuk, Nan, Thailand 55000. Map

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