“Phayao City Pillar Shrine The road is surrounded by four sides. Beautiful all day.”

Phayao City Pillar Shrine Phayao is a district of Chiang Rai Province. And was raised as a province on August 28, 2520 as a blessing to the country. The first pagoda was built in 1977. But not successful Successfully built in 1987, but relocated. But still in the district. Muang District, Phayao City Pillar Shrine


City Pillar Shrine The road is surrounded by the sides. Close to Wat Si Umongkham. And the other is a temple. From Trat Gate, turn left to Tha Kwan Road. It can be seen clearly. Phayao City Palace is beautiful day and night.


Open : Everyday


For more information, please visit: TAT Chiang Mai Office (Chiang Rai, Phayao) 053-717433, 053-700051-2

Phayao City Pillar Shrine


ต.เวียง อ.เมืองพะเยา จ.พะเยา 56000 Map

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