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Pukaeng Waterfall is a tourist attraction in Phan District. In the area of ​​Doi Luang National Park. Waterfall with the deposition of limestone that is mixed with water. Make the stalactites, stalagmites and caves are all beautiful waterfalls of 9 floors, although the water is flowing throughout the year, but the amount of water varies with the season. In the area of ​​Phan district also has many wildlife such as bears, deer, chamois and many species of birds such as hornbills, nymphs. In addition to the tourist attractions of Phan district, it is a complete forest, so there are activities to see butterflies and birds.

Pukaeng Waterfall


น้ำตกปูแกง ต.แม่เย็น อ.พาน จ.เชียงราย 57280 Map

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