“ one of the greatest 5 pilgrimage sites of Myanmar cleaning the Mahamuni Buddha image's face in the early morning as daily rite. ”

The Mahamuni Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple and major pilgrimage site, located southwest of Mandalay, Myanmar. The Mahamuni Buddha image (literal meaning: The Great Sage) is deified in this temple, and originally came from Arakan. In the past, many kings tried hard to move the Buddha image but all failed.

Finally, the Mahamuni Buddha image was brought back by the King Bodawpaya, who was the fourth son of Alaungpaya, founder of the dynasty and the Third Burmese Empire after the King Bodapaya conquered Arakan (Rakhine State).

It is highly venerated in Burma and central to many people's lives, as it is seen as an expression of representing the Buddha's life.

Ancient tradition refers to only five likenesses of the Buddha, made during his lifetime; two were in India, two in paradise, and the fifth is the Mahamuni Buddha image in Myanmar. According to the legend, the Buddha visited the Dhanyawadi city of Arakan in 554 BC. King Sanda Thuriya requested that an image was cast of him. After casting the Great Image, the Buddha breathed upon it, and thereafter the image became the exact likeness of the Mahamuni.

  • No admission fee
  • Cleaning the Buddha image's face starting at 4:00 to 5:00 am every day.

Mahamuni Buddha Temple


82nd Street, Mandalay, Myanmar Map

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