Muang Tam stone sanctuary can be reached by taking the road to Prakhon Chai for 8 kilometres and another 5 kilometres on a road on the right-hand side. This Khmer site has a square layout. Its main structures are 5 brick pagodas built on the same foundation and enclosed by two walls. The 4 doorways are perpendicular to each other and built of sandstone with beautiful designs. The inner wall was made of sandstone and consists of one long, narrow continuous corridor, called Rabiang Khot. The outer wall was made of laterite. Lintels adorn the doorways and the main pagoda, recounting Hindu tales. Another highlight of the site is the 4 large pools between the walls. The edges of the pools have serpent designs with the head at the pool corner. The beauty of this Khmer site is second only to that of Phanom Rung

Prasat Muang Tam



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