“New i-Mobile Stadium - Thunder castle Stadium, Buriram Stadium”

New I-Mobile Stadium is located in the district of the Buriram, Buriram. A football field size. In the area of 150 acres has an audience capacity of 32,600 people with parking for at least 500 cars and parking a motorcycle at least 1,000 units are organized traffic system within the court and the direct link to the outside very well made. No traffic jams. Despite more than 10,000 visitors to them.

Golf items - Mobile stadium of Buriram United was classified as the largest stadium. Equipment and facilities possible. And a golf course, one of the best. In the Thailand Premier League. And installation of electric lights as standard. Can compete at night.

Ram P. Fields of EA Sports offers one-room home team and the visiting team one room, first aid room, examination room, examination room Od๊p stimulants or 1 Bedroom 1 with media operations officer. Media and communications provider and is ready to live television and radio broadcasting. Every match is competitive.

Committee meeting and the first control room, control room, operating room VIP 7 Audio and scoreboards. Sports memorabilia room 3 toilet 10 rooms.

Have the light of Phillips as standard with the brightness of the light at 1,500 lux in the grandstand side cheering, the chair blue, almost completely, but to use the chair, white. This is the Thunder Castle

Includes four shore stands the Castle Thunder VIP, Thunder Castle, hardcore, Buriram Buriram south and the north shore.

The Thunder Castle Stadium VIP (E).

Capacity: 6,575 seats
VIP: 217 seats.
Substitutes Bench: 40 seats.
Media: 98 seats
Seating for people with disabilities: 24 seats.

Castle Thunder VIP is the main grandstand. Front of the field I - Mobile stadium on the East Coast, the roof can hold 6,576 fans over the stadium area consists of such ground floor rooms. It features a host of top players - team. And Referee Room
2nd floor is a large banquet. Fans can accommodate 1,000 people with facilities.
3rd floor has a VIP 9 rooms, 3 conference rooms and banquet facilities.
4th floor VIP rooms, including 15 rooms and can accommodate up to 217 VIP guests, each floor with lift - up. To facilitate the visitors.

Thunder Castle Stadium Shore hardcore (W).
Capacity: 7,648 seats
Seating for people with disabilities: 24 seats.

Stands the Thunder Rangers neck opposite to the Thunder Castle VIP is an amphitheater that can hold fans over there are 7,648 people in the stands, this is the side that will be echoed by visitors because there. the uniqueness of the Planet of becoming. Culture of the Ram The Thunder Rangers fans hard-core sound pressure. Confesses a team with loud cheers. From the first second until the last second

Buriram Bank Amphitheatre, North (N).
Capacity: 4,659 seats
Seating for people with disabilities: 24 seats.

The amphitheater is located behind the goals. The top of the bleachers, the scoreboard will be located. Which could hold fans over 4, 659 people in the stands are set aside for visiting fans. According to the company's Thailand Premier League was 20 percent of the total capacity of 24,000 seats for the local and international fans. Away fans are gated with security staff monitoring rigorous.

For the stands behind the goals The distance between the fans and the stadium. Located just 5 meters closer than the Thunder Castle Stadium VIP and hardcore at a distance of 7 meters in the atmosphere and excitement of watching a football game, certainly.

The south side bleachers Buriram (S).
Capacity: 4,607 seats
Seating for people with disabilities: 24 seats.

The amphitheater is located behind the other side of Glasgow. As opposed to the team With the scoreboard above the north stands the same. This is the second part of the local fans in general. Going to want to watch the game and the atmosphere in the stadium.

I Mobile Stadium



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