The Venue at Suan Sri or The Cicada Market

In short word, it may be called “Suan Sri”.  Suan Sri is the location for theme project: The Cicada Market because of natural surroundings on the grass garden under the shadow of over-hundred-year trees.  You will breathe deeply in open-air atmosphere while listening to sound of birds here and there.  The market start on October 3rd, 2009. The concept of the event is "Open Mind Open Mat: เปิดเสื่อ เปิดใจ เปิดไอเดีย" There are 4 market activities: Art a la mode, Art of Act, Art indoor, and Art of Eating.

The Cicada market is the latest art and entertainment playground.
Hua Hin continues to be the 'in' destination among well-off holidaymakers, urban hipsters and international visitors. Cool and chic lifestyles of Bangkok, Hampton, Ibiza, Mykonos and even Marrakech can be spotted, experienced and savored in this small coastal town.   Offering a new vibe of recreations for Hua Hin locals and visitors, the flea market-cum-walking street on a 10-rai-plot of land is a place where they can appreciate art, enjoy a myriad of activities, savor good international food and shop till they drop. 


Near Khao Takiab of the entrance of Hyatt Regency Hotel

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