“Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle is full of thrilling twists and turns and custom experiences hidden in the midst of tropical jungle.”

Vana Nava’s slides are developed in collaboration with the globally-acclaimed ride company WhiteWaterWest. Slides and more exciting adventures are grouped around two massive vertical towers that feature some of the most thrilling waterpark experiences in Thailand, and on the planet!
Asia’s First Water Jungle’ brings you ‘Wild Adventures’, ‘Splashing Nature’ and an ‘Oasis of Fun’ for all ages.

Boomerango (T2)

A ‘First in South East Asia’, Vana Nava combines The Abyss and the Boomerango onto one very tall tower. ‘Thailand’s Tallest’ Boomerango offers the ultimate of sensations with inner-tubing, drops and going vertical! Experience a shot of weightlessness as you shoot up and down the wall at 13 meters per second, or up to 45 km per hour, before splashing down into a pool over 20 meters below!

Free Fall (W1)

The ultimate adrenaline-rush for adults and teens, the Free Fall takes you up about 18 meters high and then drops you straight down in a heart pounding experience that reaches speeds over 15 meters per second, or up to 50 km per hour.

Rain Fortress (V1)

The Rain Fortress has 7 slides coming off the main structure that all splash down into a child-friendly pool. The real splash with this attraction is a huge bucket that brings smiles to all when it ‘fires away’ with super-soaking and spontaneous sounds and excitement. Packed with interactive features for the whole family!

The Wave Pool (C2)

The Wave Pool spans across 1600sqm with varying wave speeds,and features islands, lush landscaping, and a gorgeous environment to float on the waves, swim, play and enjoy the day.

Surf Shack Surf Shop

The Surf Shop is located within the Surf Shack, beside the Surf Bar and Flow Rider Surf attraction and offers you the latest Surf and Resort lifestyle fashions and accessories.

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