“Banmanee Pruek Cave visit Coffee Tasting Watch flowers Chom pu Phu ka”

Ban Manee Pruk is a village of Hmong and Lua. It is a battlefield in a time of severe political ideological conflict. Later, the Nan River Basin Development Program Due to his Majesty the King or the village. Promote the mountain people. Encourage tourists and villagers to wake up coffee to help reduce shifting cultivation. Manee Pruk coffee has the quality of the front row of coffee.

Most of the villages are pure natural attractions, such as caves, waterfalls, caves, cliffs, and historical attractions such as the caves, the women's caves, the caves, the caves, the caves and the caves. facilities In the village, the pink and pink trees in the summer to bloom beautifully do not lose at Doi Phu Kha. Another visit to the new year is the Hmong tradition in December. The villagers will wear a traditional dress to throw the ball to each other. The atmosphere is lively.

Banmanee Pruek


Baan Manee Pruek, Tambon Thung Chang, Nan, Thailand 55130 Map

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