“Wat Rong Ngae Visit the old temple of Thai Lue art.”

Wat Rong Ngae inside the temple has outstanding art. The ancient pulpit, sapphire and staircase, as well as murals, craftsmanship, folk art. The villagers also helped to preserve the antiquities and preserve their Tai Lue culture. In 2008, they received the Outstanding Tourism Award. The 7th Thailand Tourism Awards by Tourism Authority of Thailand The villagers cry out as Tai Lue who tried to come from Xishuangbanna. Legend has it. Phra Thep Phaya Lane The governor of Phnom Penh Have people escape the war down to the river. Then set up the village. Later is called cast. Cry like the current

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sanctuary temple Gable is a thousand flowers. In the sanctuary of the parish. The wall behind the Buddha is a painting of Buddhist history and the Nirvana. Local technician There are golden patterns on red ground or unique patterns such as flower pattern, crown molding, etc. Do not miss the traditional Lanna traditional pulpit that is rare.

Thep Phaya Lane Jao Chang Puek Nga Kheaw

Located in the middle of the field, about 500 meters away from the temple is a statue of a ruler with a spear and sword. Sitting on the back of an elephant The mahout sitting in front.

Wat Rong Ngae


Ban Rong Ngae, NawaNakorn, Pua District, Nan, Thailand. Map

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