“Wat Phra That Beng Sakat Worship the old relics Visit the Lan Xang Art Arch”

Wat Phra That Beng Sakat Thaeneng was built in the Nan city center in the city of Pua. The temple is located on the mound. The layout of the pagoda is attached to the temple. The temple has a front porch. The pagoda has a base of eight bells, octagonal, decayed layers, no pattern is a pagoda style popular in the district of Yao Yao Temple is a beautiful art gallery is a beautiful elephant. This reflects the influence of the Lan Chang Kingdom. The ancient Khmer language inscriptions indicate that in 1875. Phraya Phu Kha wants to create a new city for their children. People go to the area to find the city of Pua in the west has good. Away from the city of his roast 6 km, he created the first city of Warakorn. Later, the villagers found a courtyard with a pond in the middle. When the water falls into the pond. The wood is broken into pieces. It is believed that in the soil there are sacred objects buried. Phraya Phu Kha, please make the brick to pagoda cover and the city was named as Ben Bang means the wonders of the earth.

Wat Phra That Beng Sakat


Bankam, Waranakorn, Poe District, Nan, Thailand 55120 Map

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