“Tad Man Waterfall, play in the waterfall, see nature”

Tad Man Waterfall This falls on the ridge Vieng Local National Forest Originally this area was compromised Corn farming Later in 1993, there was a re-establishment and reforestation. The bamboo forest and mixed forest in the care of. Phra Phutthabat The waterfall has many layers. Surrounded by dry evergreen forest. Only the first floor near the parking lot. The streams that flowed from the cliffs were created to excite the visitors.

interesting thing The river flows down from the ridge for nearly 2 km through the rocky ravine, each rock layer is about 300 m apart.

1st floor Tatra curtain near the parking lot is a shady forest. There are tables and chairs set up to bring family picnic. The stream flows through a 20-meter-high cliff, 20 meters high, into a large pool. In the rainy season, there is a large waterfall. The water is very strong. In the dry season, the waterfall is about 1-2 meters wide.

2nd floor, Pha Da pass across the first floor. Then walk along the river. On the way you will find grassy period. The waterfall is a rocky cliff. Staircase In the rainy season, the water will fall into beautiful layers.

3rd floor of Hua Chang Cliff from Pha Daad to climb to the top of the waterfall and walk along the river to find a waterfall with a rocky shade like elephant head.

4th floor of the cliff from the 3rd floor to continue to the 4th floor, which is nearly 100 meters long, flowing through the cliffs on both sides. Always loud

Floor 5 Tad monkeys walk through the 4th floor to meet the waterfall cliffs that the villagers see a monkey-like shape with its head full body. This waterfall is about 20 m high. Below there is a small pool of water but water. have

Floor 6, the mist from the 5th floor to climb the cliff next to. Waterfall on the stream above. Then walk another 300 meters to the last waterfall. But the way is very difficult. The waterfall is over 20 meters high, the waterfall hits the rock below, and it spreads like mist. And a 3-4 meter deep pool can play water.

Tad Man Waterfall


Baan Wang Thong, Phra Phutthabat, Chiang Klang District, Nan, Thailand 55160 Map

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