“Wat Boonyuen Worship Buddha PangYuenPaTub Watch the stucco pattern”

Wat Boonyuen The ancient temple of Wiang Sa. There are churches and pagodas Lanna exquisite delicacy. On the wall of the church there are stucco workmanship, local characters, cartoon characters like cartoon characters. This temple also has an important tradition that is believed to be the only one in the world. Which made about 200 years ago, according to legend. Phraya Pho built this temple with the construction of Wiang Po. Originally a small monastery. The confined space It has been relocated. In the present area in 2329, and the teak forest surrounding and used teak to build a pagoda and temple called the beautiful Pasak period, The ruler of Nan The temple was built. In the year 2343, please create a Buddha image stand in the world. To be in the temple. The villagers called this temple "Wat Boonyuen" according to the Buddhist characteristics of the Buddha to this day.

Wat Boonyuen

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Opposite the municipal office, Wiang Sa District, Nan, Thailand 55110 Map

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