“Huan Thib Rot  Bicycle Museum Try riding a vintage bicycle Learn European cycling history.”

Huan Thib Rot  (Bicycle Museum) Supot Teng Trairat exhibited hundreds of vintage motorcycles from Europe. The bike is hard to find. Wiang Sa district was named. "Gate to Nan" because of the city of Nan from the Denchai train station. Drive to Phrae Or take a boat along the Nan River. Must always pass through Wiang Sa. But with a small district. Most people do not know what is good. The pedal to pass. When someone really intends to come. You will find small towns that keep the atmosphere of the traditional Nan. - The city has 7 streams flowing through agricultural fertile. There are green fields on both sides of the city with beautiful culture. The people are good. To the visitor These are not attractive to the city. Some people also say that. This city is a city of bike lovers. In addition to the Museum "Huan Thib Rotl", the people of Vientiane always use a pedal or bicycle in daily life. So, the important thing to take us to Vientiane is nothing better than two wheelers that take the curious way to all corners of this small town.

Ancient bicycle is a brand of European brands such as Raleigh Bianchi Kif Phillips, which Supoj collected for almost all models. It represents the evolution of the bike over 100 years ago to the present as well, such as the 130-year-old wheel with a large front wheel.

Huan Thib Rot Bicycle Museum


Shell pump area, Chao Fa Road, Klang Wiang, Wiang Sa, Nan Province 55110 Map

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