“Hoong Pho Nguen old house, Nan people.”

Khong Pho Pho is the home of Sri Tum. Granddaughter of Maha Wong The ruler of Nan built around 1841-2400 adjacent to the glass in the residence of the Nan in northern Wieng. When you are Anantawitthichet. Moved back to the south. The area was abandoned. The Thai government wants the area around the glass to build military camps. You are the last daughter of Sri Tuam. And then move the old hong to build the present and devolved to the goddess of the goddess Boonsong. The bubbler charged the children to keep this house. The children are improving the nature and open to the interested in the present. Patraporn Flamed the heir.

Getting there: From Chang Phuak intersection. Prem Pracharat Road about 650 m. Turn left at the intersection. Sumon Thep Rajaram to about 170 m.

The Noble House


No. 8 Soi 2, Phra Prathumthong Rd., Thonburi Rd., Wiang, Nan, Nan, Thailand. Map

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