“Tham Sa Kern National Park Park Waterfall Travel Watch the beauty of the cave.”

Tham Sa Kern National Park It is a national park with a large cave hall. Suitable for adventurous travelers. There are beautiful waterfalls in the surrounding forest. There is a scenic spot overlooking the wide plain and the houses in the village near the Ngim Nam Ngum reservoir. The limestone cliffs of Doi Pha Luang behind. And in the winter there will be a mist covered the valley below.

Tourist attractions
Tham Sa-tao National Park has two scenic views between the two districts of Nan, Chiang Kham district, Phayao province, with beautiful scenery.

Tham Luang Sa Koen Covering the high mountains at the end of the Luang Prabang. It stretches to the Lao border. Natural conditions are also enriched with forests. The surrounding area is located in the jungle and jungle forests. The waterfalls are also perfect as the watershed area of ​​the watershed class 1A has many beautiful natural features. There are large caves, beautiful waterfalls and foggy spots. The highest mountain is Doi jeep.

Pha-Than Waterfall It is a waterfall with medium clear water throughout the year. From Huay Nam Ngim Originating from Doi Jeep mountain with 6 stories high, about 30 meters high, about 5 meters wide waterfall is located at the cave of Sa Kaeo National Park.

Tham Sa Kern National Park


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