“Rai Thanalap, see hydroponic vegetable plots Shop for freshly cut vegetables”

Rai Thanalap this area of ​​5 rai of agricultural. Full of vegetable salad dressing using hydroponics or vegetable gardening. It is planted in plastic rails. Provide water and nutrients through the gutter. And use only chemicals during the dare. In the cool air and beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains. This farm has many kinds of salad vegetables such as butter, red head, oak, green oak, ice, ice, etc., at about 6-7 weeks will yield one. I do not even in the summer before the rain, where there are not many vegetables. But here is the output. Due to the relatively cold weather throughout the year. Most of the farm produce is sold at department stores. If tourists can buy fresh vegetables on the farm, you can choose which vegetables.

Getting there: From Nam Yen District Office, take Highway 2216 to Lom Kao District. 
Pass Phu Kradueng about 2 km. Rai will be on the right.

Rai Thanalap


Ban Huai Pak, Nam Nao Subdistrict, Nam Nao District, Phetchabun Province 67260 Map

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