“Than Thip Waterfall, see the waterfall, swim by the rapids”

Thanthip Waterfall the original is called Mhu Bood waterfall .Legend has it that. A young woman in this village agrees to marry another young man. They have to kill pigs and chickens to prepare for food. But when the time comes. The young man did not appear. The girl waited until the pig prepared spoiled. It became the name of the Baan Mhu Bood.

Thanthip Waterfall is located in the Khao Kho National Park A large waterfall. The surrounding area is high mountains. Rich in rainforest, dipterocarp forest and grassland, the water of Pasak River. It is inhabited by small wildlife such as wild boar, wild cat, rabbit, wild hedgehog, including birds. And more than 200 butterflies and other waterfalls. Interesting as follows: Wang Rin , Kaeng Hin Lad , Kaeng Ma Dia , Tad ChomPu, Kaeng Pha Aiang, Kaeng Nam Ving.

Opening hours: 08.30 AM - 04.30 PM

Getting there: Take Highway No. 2302 to about 3.5 km. Turn left into the waterfall. Turn to another 1 km to the office of Khao Kho.

Thanthip Waterfall Khao Kho National Park


Ban Than Thip, Bung Nam Tao Subdistrict, Lom Sak District 67110 Map

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