“Sakura in Thailand on Ang Khang.”

Doi Angkhang, one of Thailand's 8th largest sakuras, is also one of the most beautiful sights in Sakura. Angkhang's unique features include the Thai Sakura, the tiger queen, on the road leading up to Doi Angkhang. There are also authentic Sakura trees. From Japan, visitors can see and photographed within Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station. Beautiful bloom during New Year. Traveling on Doi Ang Khang, there are two tiger penguins on the side of the road, but many times to find the right and secure parking on both sides of the road up. Doi Angkhang to the Royal Project.

Tiger king The tree in the same family as the Sakura of Japan is the Rosaceae (Rosaceae) by the tiger king in the Prunus as well as cherry, apple, apricot, plum, apple and barrow, which is a favorite species. Cold weather The tiger queen It is found on the hillsides or ridge above the average sea level, from 1,000 meters up, with cold. In the early stages of the tiger king flower. Is like a tree near death Because it leaves all the leaves. But the branches are empty. But after that, the tiger queen will flower. It is a bunch of clusters at the end of the branch. The color is pink. Especially when the flowers are full bloom as a pink carpet covered throughout the tree. Beautiful view It is always fascinated by those who have seen it. The difference between the tiger and the Japanese Sakura. Tiger Princess Flowers are light pink. The stem is a pattern of slender leaves, pointed tip, the Japanese Sakura. The flowers are dark pink flowers are overlapping flowers larger than flowers. The trunk is not like a tiger queen, the leaves are glossy, the leaves are oval. But the tip is not pointed.

Sakura in Thailand or the Tiger King on Ang Khang


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