“Huai Chomphu Reservoir PHA Thewada Thewada Enjoy the cliff jump.”

Huai Chomphu Reservoir PHA Thewada. Located in the wildlife sanctuary Wiang Lor, Sunkong Developed as a tourist area. The main activity is climbing up to the cliffs and sprinting down and tour waterfall Visit Sunflower An agricultural tourism center is located next to the reservoir. In the late winter rain, there will be wild flowers at the Huay Chompoo Waterfall. Especially on the 3rd floor of the waterfall called Tad Hua Chang.

Winter is around Nov - Feb. Field Sunkong District Bright sunflowers bloom among the mountains around Beautiful Cool weather is popular with tourists look at the beauty and take a photo.

How to get there: From Dok Khamtai District, take Highway No. 1021 towards Chun District for about 1.5 km. Find a junction with Ban Cham Kai on the right. Turn into Pass Ban Chamkai intersection for about 4 km to the reservoir area.

Huai Chomphu Reservoir PHA Thewada


Banmai Pattana, Sunkong, Dok Khamtai District, Payao 56120 Map

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