Nampha Pha Ngam Cave located in the area. Maeva National Park is easy to travel because it is along Highway No. 1 within the cave with beautiful stalagmites. The walk in the cave is rough and damp. The ground and stone alternate. Some of the water drops down from the cave ceiling in the cave has flowing water and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, clear air, well ventilated nature spots. The Buddha image is enshrined at intervals. Some light enough to penetrate. The roots of the bark are dropped from above to the ground below. It is another miracle of nature and stalagmite stalagmites, strange shapes look beautiful white stalagmites like Kuantan. I like to ask for a trip. The current promotion. It is a tourist attraction of Mae Phrik.

Nampha Pha Ngam Cave


Mae Phrik, Lampang Province 52180 Map

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