“This is a typical Shinto-Japanese style shrine in Hokkaido.”

A famous spot surrounded by primary forests and known for cherry and plum blossoms.  In spring there is cherry blossom viewing in the beafutiful shrine grounds, and the cherries and plums bloom simultaneously.

Hokkaido Shrine enshrines four dieties "Kami".

  1. "God of Okunitama"
    God of the land of Hokkaido from which all things are able to be produced in nature.
  2. "God of Onamuchi"(or by another name "Okuninushi")
    God of making and developing the land.
  3. "God of Sukunahikona"
    God of healing who cooperates with Onamuchi to reclaim the land.
  4. "God of Emperor Meiji"
    In 1964, the god of Emperor Meiji was enshrined here, and so the name changed from "Sapporo Jinja" to "Hokkaido Jingu".

When Japanese people come to the shrine:

  • First worshipping at the Shrine.
    Parents express gratitude for getting a baby and pray for the child's heslthy growth.
  • Students pray for the achievement of learning.
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Festival of Seven, Five and Three Years Old.
    Boys of three and five years, and girls three and seven years are taken to the Shrine by their parents. They thanks the gods for the children's health and also pray for the god's further protection.
  • Festival of Adults'Day
    At age 20, young people express gratitude and pray for continued prosperity.
  • Pray for safe driving. 

How to get there:

  Tozai Line - Maruyama Kouen station alighting --> by a 15-minute walk

  Jingu-Mae bus station alighting --> by a 1-minute walk
  Bankei Bus (Maruyama Line)
  Shiei Bus (Ring 20 West14 West15)

Major Festivals 

  1. Festival of New Year (January 1st).
    Commemorates the first day of the year, praying for a peaceful world, for Japan, and the prosperity of the Imperial Household.
  2. Festival of the parting of the seasons (February 3rd).
    Commemorates the beginning of spring and ceremony of praying for the coming in of good fortune and driving out all devils by throwing beans.
  3. Commemoration of the founding of Japan (February 11th).
    Commemorates the founding of Japan by accession to the throne of Emperor Jinmu, 2645 years ago.
  4. Festival of praying for the fertility of crops (February 17th).
    Prayers for the prosperity of all kinds of industries and the fertility of farm products.
  5. Main festival of Hokkaido Shrine (June 14th-16th).
    One of the 10 biggest festival in Japan, and the largest parade festival in Hokkaido (about 800,000 people),
    so called "Sapporo Festival" (Sapporo Matsuri). Then the line of people bearing Mikoshi parades down along the street to the shrine
  6. The great purification ceremony (June 30th).
    Purifying sins, and recharging the spirit.
  7. Festival of the Pioneers Shrine (August 15th).
    In honor of 34 men involved with the reclamation of Hokkaido. 500 children carry the portable shrines downtown.
  8. Festival of memorial enshrined deities (September 1st).
    Commemorates the enshrining of the 3 dieties in 1871.
  9. Festival of Meiji (November 3rd).
    Commemorates the birth of Emperor Meiji.
  10. Thanksgiving festival (November 23rd).
    Originated from the new rice festival, a festival to celebrate the first crop of the year, when the Japanese Emperor offers the new harvest of rice to the gods oh heaven and earth to thank them for the good hervest and to pray for future blessing. The Emperor himself eats the fresh rice in private with the gods.
  11. Festival of present Emperor's birthday (December 23rd).
    Offering the present Emperor our hearty congratulations for his long life.
  12. The great purification ceremony (June 30th).
    Purification before welcoming the new year.
  13. Monthly festivals
    Every month the 1st, 10th, 15th and 20th at 10a.m. prayers for a peaceful world and for Japan, for the prosperity of the Imperial Household and Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Shrine


474 Miyagaoka, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan Map

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