“Thai Yuan Cultural Study Centre See the homes of the Thai Yuan people”

Thai Yuan Cultural Study Centre It is a stilted Thai house, about 80-100 years old, on the banks of the Pa Sac River. Around the shaded area with tree shadows. Both Thai flowers exude a delightful fragrance. Inside the cultural hall display of utensils different types of boats that used to be used in the Pa Sak Basin Such as E-pae boats, Mad boats, rowing boats, etc. The founder is Ajarn Songchai Wannakul, who is on Thai Yuan descent and is the president of the Saraburi Thai Yuan Club. Ajarn has collected various types of antiques and folk tools. Suitable for people interested in local culture. To visit must contact in advance The teacher will show you things. Along with lectures to educate the Thai community.

How to get there: From Mueang Saraburi District, take Pichai Road and go straight onto Highway No. 3041, passing Sao Hai Intersection until reaching the red light intersection. Turn right across the bridge over the Pa Sak River until you reach a three-way intersection, turn right onto Highway No. 3225, pass the entrance to Wat Khao Kaew for about 200 m. The Cultural Hall is on the right.

Thai Yuan Cultural Study Centre


Moo 6, 48, Daoruang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Saraburi 18000 Map

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