Located in the Tambon Kok Thai  amphoe si mahosot from Muang to the highway 319 road Suxinthawong genealogy for approximately 24 kilometers) The Ancient Buddhist group, which is the construction being stacked, several days before starting from the 11 Lan, until the Lan, 18, 3 layers and brick structures most remaining Foundation for building only
. In 1927. During the 2529 excavation has discovered the footprints Bahts pair carved on the 3 layers Disgraces carved concrete-led growth. nun both sides during the footprints of the Baht has crisscross carved deep in a hole in the middle track assume that the Pak chat or indoor tracks Bahts pair, it is expected that made up in the Dvaravati days to lop buri since it was the largest Bahts and oldest in Thailand
in the area near each other with a pond sacred Buddha images and antiques, which found a large number of emerald pool is also a rectangular pool, which is about 115 meters wide 214 meters long 3.50 meters deep area about 25 rai assume that dug up to use a source of water and bring 3 layers to use in the construction in addition, there are also an emerald Sa Sa Bua hoodlums and building Si Mahosot exhibition, knowledge of ancient city Si Mahosot and exhibition of antiques found in the area, the most important, such as stone slope Sa Bua (a stone inscription of the 56) is a stone inscription sandstone and white and wide 40 cm long 177 cm was moving from ancient near a swimming pool or Bua Sa Bua fatigue, leaning against it at the root of the beginning of the Pho Temple bodhi tree a bodhi tree
has been the survey and a copy of the first time when February 24 , 2496 by Mr Chin, now written, exhibition inside buildings, Si Mahosot

Sramorakot Anchient Site



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